Atelier Carvalho Bernau: Walid Raad: Scratching on Things


Atelier Carvalho Bernau: Walid Raad: Scratching on Things

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Wood skin was created for the necessity of having a delicate texture that sometimes is not gained out of wood, specially plywood. Milan-based design studio Mamma Fotogramma decided to chance that and created wood skin in triangular shapes made out of a Russian Plywood.

This idea came from a design competition finding ways of incorporating the material into a rock climbing gym in Montreal. At the site,  the designers played with different materials and compounds to improve the design.

These series of triangles of plywood are held together by vinyl mesh. The advantage of using this product is the ability to create different shapes and its easy way to adapt to any structure.

At the moment the team is finding other ways of incorporating this material into other elements such cladding and flexible walls. 

The article ends like this: “Thanks to new technologies, structures are getting much like our own bodies,” Masotti says. “Here is the skeleton, its joints and muscles expanding and contracting behind our skin, defining our movements and posture. Wood Skin is simply a convenient and innovative way of rendering these visible.”  

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